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(Download Despicable Me 2) Despicable Me 2 is a must-see family film that adults will enjoy as much as the kids.

(Despicable Me 2 Download) The original was a surprise blockbuster hit in 2010, which I liked very much. It was bright, effervescent, unique and most of all very funny. It had an infectious greatness that made an audience happy, and so does the sequel.

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(Download Despicable Me 2) The “Minions,” those loyal rotund yellow wide-eyed barrels of amusement are again the life of the film with more screen time and superior ‘Benny Hill’ style hijinks.(Despicable Me 2 Download) Steve Carell returns as the voice of former master villain Gru, a doting Father to his three adopted girls Margot, Agnes and Edith.

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(Download Despicable Me 2) Gru no longer wants to take over the world with evil schemes; he lives as a passive neighborhood type that does nothing but make sure others are happy around him.(Download Despicable Me 2 Movie) Reluctantly recruited by hot super spy Agent Lucy Wilde (Kristen Wiig) representing an outfit known as the Anti-Villains League (AVL), Gru simply says “no,” hoping to remain living the quiet life.

(Download Despicable Me 2) Unbeknownst to Gru, an old arch enemy has returned to cause havoc amongst innocent bystanders at the local shopping mall. Gru is now all about being good and chooses not to reignite his fury against this old foe. However, after some hilarious persuasive techniques from the leggy and very single Agent Wilde, Gru agrees to help out the AVL.(Watch Despicable Me 2 Online) Could the unobtainable Gru be falling in love?

In the meantime, the girls are growing up, escially Margot. Wonderfully voiced by Nickelodeon tween star Miranda Cosgrove, Margot starts noticing boys much to Gru’s annoyance.

(Download Despicable Me 2) This is a respectable sequel that goes in different directions. Character development is key; heartstrings are tugged on a regular basis with Gru’s lovingly acceptance of his beloved girls.(Despicable Me 2 Download) Also, listen out for a random Australian reference during the latter period.

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Comic relief comes in spades from the Minions; so much so I believe they deserve their own movie. And don’t leave early! The yellow troublemakers have their own set of bloopers during the end credits.

(Download Despicable Me 2) Soon to be seen in the much anticipated Anchorman 2, Steve Carell is superior as the odd looking and enigmatic Gru.(Watch Despicable Me 2 Online) At the recent premiere, he told me himself his early years as a stand-up comedian helps with the unpredictable nature of being a voice character in such a genius film as this.

An unnecessary sequel such as this has arrived on the big screen and had me walking away thinking, "I am actually really happy this was made."

(Download Despicable Me 2) The plot of Despicable Me 2 has completely flipped as we find Gru (Steve Carell) doing things for the better. The film opens up with Agnes' (Elsie Fisher) birthday party. And the lovely host? Well, it's Gru in a dress pretending to be a fairy princess! Boy, I wasn't expecting this. In the first film, he would never mention such an idea. But now, he's good and he plans on staying that way. Shortly after the party, Gru is taken by the Anti-Villain League. They're a group to stop. . well. . . villains! So now they take Gru under their wing to stop villains who want to destroy the world.

A pretty simple plot brings a few big laughs to the table. The minions are back and if you hated them from the start, then steer clear of this film because they show up alot more than they did in the first film. Unfortunately, they did not give most of the comedic moments to the audience. Gru, and Steve Crrell's voice) did.

(Download Despicable Me 2) The minions did their thing. They laughed at people's voices, they make poop jokes, and they hit each other. While most of that is fun, alot of the dialogue from Gru had me rolling. I believe Steve Carell is spot on with this voice and it fits the character of Gru just right.

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Gru is teamed up with Lucy (Kristin Wig)(Despicable Me 2 Download) as they look into a possible suspect who runs a Mexican restaurant. His son sparks an interest in Margo (Mirando Cosgrove) and Gru is not up for this. He plays a very protective dad in this as he questions the people Margo texts. I'm glad Margo's sub-plot did not get in the way, because overall, I really did care about everything going on.

Not only does Margo find someone, Gru does too. But his is more awkward and weird because of Gru's way of flirting.

(Download Despicable Me 2) The laughs are present, but I actually enjoyed watching the story and caring about the outcome. I found myself doing this during The Hangover III as well. Yes, the laughs were fun, but the story was pretty interesting and had me involved.

If you have not seen Monsters University,(Despicable Me 2 Download) I recommend that first before seeing this. With that being said, the film is still a very fun time and it isn't a drag. The minions, the clever dialogue, and Gru will have you laughing quite a bit I am beginning to think maybe this will be a very good year for animation films. I know it has been so far. We'll see.

There's so much to like about the "Despicable Me" series -- the bright, poppy art direction; Steve Carell's vocal combo of Bela Lugosi and Boris Badenov; and most of all, those goofy, semi-verbal yellow minions -- and yet, the original movie just never charmed me all that much.

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(Download Despicable Me 2) The idea of a diabolical super-villain being turned into a kindly dad is a promising one, but Carell's Gru character seemed like such a softie to begin with (moon-stealing plans or no) that the shift never felt particularly outrageous or funny.

And if you thought "Despicable Me" was tame, wait until you see how much more neutered things get in "Despicable Me 2," which manages to strip nearly all of the characters of whatever sharp edges they once possessed. The minions are still wacky scene-stealers -- and once again,(Despicable Me 2 Download) we don't get nearly enough of them -- but Gru and his daughters have been blanded down to bad-sitcom level.

(Download Despicable Me 2) This time around, Gru is a single dad, despite the best efforts of his pushy neighbor Jilliam (voiced by Nasim Pedrad), who is always trying to push him off on her single gal pals,(Despicable Me 2 Download) and his daughters Margo (Miranda Cosgrove), Edith (Dana Gaier) and Agnes (Elsie Fisher), who are setting up online dating profiles for the reformed bad guy.

Gru gets recruited by the AVL (Anti-Villain League) to track down the person who has stolen an experimental serum that turns fluffy bunnies into giant purple pain merchants, and the League pairs him with agent Lucy (Kristen Wiig). They have a meet-cute when she uses her lipstick-taser on him.

The thief is one of several merchants at a nearby mall,(Despicable Me 2 Download) so Gru and Lucy are set up in a bakery to keep an eye out on their fellow vendors. Exceedingly tame wackiness ensues.

(Download Despicable Me 2) It's one thing to turn Gru from an evil genius to a cuddly dad and boyfriend, but Agnes isn't nearly as entertainingly hyper as before, and even Margo has been rendered all swoony in her first crush on a boy -- Antonio (Moises Arias, "The Kings of Summer"),(Download Despicable Me 2 Movie) whose Mexican-restaurant-owning father Eduardo (Benjamin Bratt) may or may not be the guy Gru and Lucy are after, the one who's been injecting the minions with the serum and turning them into frizzy-haired beasts.

Little kids won't be too bored, but adults who found themselves charmed by the first "Despicable Me" may or may not be along for the ride this time. Universal has already announced a third sequel, "Minions"(Watch Despicable Me 2 Online) (which, sadly, isn't solely centered on those walking ids), and here's hoping Gru can be a little despicable-r next time.